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BritJam II - Second FDP Jam at The British Commonwealth Club August 2009

Twist & Shout
Kelly: Guitar & Vocals
Jacqui: Vocals & Tambourine
Bopper: Guitar
Lee: Drums
AmyNasir: Bass
RobertNasir: Keyboard
Wayne: Lap Steel
The Last Time
Dartman, Eric F & Bopper: Guitar
RAC-Strat: Lead Guitar
Mike: Drums
RobertNasir: Fretless Bass & Vocals
John Hett & Jacqui: Vocals
Wayne: Lap Steel
These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
Jacqui: Vocals & Tambourine
Kelly & Bopper: Guitar & Vocals
Debbie & RAC-Strat: Backing Vocals
Mike: Drums
RobertNasir: Bass
Wayne: Lap Steel
Dartman, RobertNasir, Eric F & Bopper: Guitars
Baloo: Drums
AmyNasir: Bass
John Hett, Jacqui & Debbie: Vocals
Wayne: Lap Steel




MI Corktown FDP Jam 2008 - I (January)

Bass Warmup
(Mike on drums,
Al & Robert on bass guitars
... big bottom!)
Guitar Warmup
(Mike on drums, Gary on Epiphone bass,
RAC-Strat on Les Paul,
Dave on Roland-equipped Strat )
Feelin' Alright
(Ed on Strat, Dave lead, RAC-Strat on LP, Robert bass, Jeff on drums,
Gary on backing vocal)
The Toboggans
(Mickey on Telecaster,
Rob on Strat & RAC on 'Paul,
Gary on bass & Mike on drums)
No Other Baby
(Gary on bass & lead vox,
Pete & Rob on guitars,
Mike on drums)



2007 Jam IV - September

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Pete for
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MI Corktown FDP Jam 2007 - II (April)

During setup, Mickey's Vintage Hollowbody Blues pulls in
RAC, Al, Jeff, RN .... Window
Mickey's Vocal Tune with
Jeff, RAC & Al
More Warmup with
John B. & RN, Dartman, Mickey (with a slide!), Al & Jeff join in ...
Early Jam with Paul,
Jeff, Mickey, RAC & Al

Obligatory Red House

Event Photos!

Taylor Blues 1

Surf Time! Mickey's got a

Phone Booth, Baby.  This on got to be really, really fast ...


The Bill & Rob Set:
Walkin' Down Main Street
Track Two
Accident Waiting to Happen
N. Y. C.
Last of the Hardcore Troubadours
Track Six
Bill's Original


MIJam 2007 I - The Night That Was at Corktown Tavern

Only one camera running for the first part of the evening:

Part II - The Sound Man Arrives:

Warm-up Jam with Pete, Mickey,
RAC-Strat (on bass?!?) and Mike

Sound-check led by Mickey
Jam - (Click here)

Hey!  Gimme my Camelback!

Another featuring Mickey
on acoustic.

A tune played by All The Young
(Mike, Mick, Rob, Robert)

Mickey has a cow ...
... a Cash Cow!

Obligatory Hendrix Tune (1 of 4):
Hey Joe!

Howard's harp sez
Bring It On Home

There is, as it happens, a
Red House over yonder.

Unrepeatable.  Some Kind
Of Wonderful ... Corktown Style.

Coming Soon! (added 2007-05-03)
Medley: Pride & Joy, Purple Haze,
Little Wing

This is what happened
when the singers
finally showed up.

Warning - Large (34MB) Clip!

Bill & Rob Clips Still Coming...


trebor reunion: the 2007 surprise
be mine (she said no)
shoot to kill, kill to eat
weekends and holidays


MIJam 2006 III

Warm-up jammage with Pete
Walk - Don't Run

AmyNasir with RobertNasir & Al
Fell In Love With A ...

Ron & Vintage 309
The Last Time

How could we have forgotten how to play Strange Brew?  Too much brew?

Pepler & Quinn shreddage (& some lame RN noodles) to Cocaine (2nd 1/2)

Vintage 309 staple, with Ron on bass:
Ridin' The Storm Out

Mike has a perfectly good drum solo going, 'til Robert comes along...

Megan shows why she's

This one's loose, overlong, poor vid & audio, but worth hearing for Pepler' s mighty Hamer!  Hands To...

Rob, Mike, Megan and Robert still
Can't Explain

Pepler, Quinn, Al & Mike
Rock 'n' Roll!


Photos here ... Pepler's Photos (October 14, 2006) are here!

MIJam 2006 II

Smokin'Pickin', John B. & Al Open It Up with a Two Dollar Shake...
Click here....

...And a Slow Blues Improv
Click here...

Two Early Blues Jams
Click here...

Jazz Tune & Fire On The Mountain
(with mandolin & electric violin!)

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Penultimate Tune:
Jazz Pre-finale

Click here...

Finale: Shanty Mama & You Can't Do That
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Seth Rosen's unique take on "Swinging on a Star:
Would you like to play the guitar?

BalzakJeff with Bopper, Josh & Robert, and Seth on Mandolin:
I Know You Rider & Kansas City

2006 Jam II Photos (June 10th) here!

MI Jam 2006 - I

Drew, Baloo, RAC-Strat, RobertNasir
The Kids Are Alright

MRench01 & John Barnwell,
Baloo, RAC-Strat, RobertNasir
Surf Jam

Drew, Baloo, RAC-Strat, RobertNasir
The Last Time

MRench01 & John Barnwell,
Baloo, RAC-Strat, RobertNasir
In My Time Of Dying

Beauj Mont's Crew (& John?)

Beauj Mont's Crew
Teardown Jam

2006 Photos: here.

The 2005 page is here...